INFANTS (6 weeks - 11 months)

Our infant room is designed to be an extension of your home, which means that we follow your baby's normal eating and sleeping schedule.  We also document all your baby's important activities such as eating, sleeping times, diaper changes and his/her daily disposition onto a daily sheet which is given to you when you pick your child up for the day. 


Infants need interaction to develop a sense of trust with their caregiver.  So along with being attentive to your baby's physical needs, our teachers spend a lot of time cooing, cuddling, rocking and doing everything possible to bond with your baby.  We also play simple games such as peekaboo, sing songs, and read stories to help our infants develop in key areas such as cognitively, emotionally, physically along with helping your child promote language development.  


  • Open Door Policy:  We understand, especially with first-time parents, that there is a fair amount of stress that comes with entrusting your child to others so feel free to stop by and visit your child any time during the day. 
  • Cleanliness:  We strive to maintain a clean environment, making every effort to prevent babies from sharing toys.  Every day, during naptime, we sanitize our morning toys and every evening, before going home, we sanitize our afternoon toys.   
  • What the center provides:  The center provides all food, table or baby food, for breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks along with all formula or milk.  We also provide your child with his/her own crib with sheets and blankets that are washed and replaced daily.  
  • What parents provide:  Parents provide their child with diapers, wipes and any diaper creams or powders their child might need. 

We at Heritage Christian Daycare and Learning Center would like to thank you for considering us for the care and education of you infant.  Please stop by to tour our facilities and to meet our teachers anytime.  We're committed to making this first transition away from home easy and

natural for you and your child. 

"Lo, children are a HERITAGE of the Lord"  Psalms 127:3 

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